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Set of 4 Mini Stylus Jot Fine Point Pen For ALL Smartphones & Tablet Devices


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This is one of High Quality Stylus touch pens.. The mini jot fine stylus pens are very stylish and portable. They are also compact so they can fit anywhere like bags, purses, pockets, wallets, etc.
1. Check The Basics Jot styluses don?t work past a certain angle of tilt. While the stylus suits most peoples? writing angles, it may give bad performance near the maximum supported angle. Try changing your hand posture. Check if there is something wrong with the app or device you?re using. Try your finger, or if possible, try out another stylus.
2. Clean Disc With Microfiber Cloth This is what you should try first. In my case, this method fixed my problem. Since I was cautious about dust sticking to the tip disc due to static electricity and scratching my screen, I was constantly wiping the tip with my fingertip (or other cloth), thus probably depositing some residue from my fingers on it. I simply pressed the tip hard against my iPad's Smart Cover and rubbed it clean. This may or may not work for you.
3. Clean Disc With Soap and Water Some users reported better performance after cleaning the disc with soap.
4. Clean the Contact Between Disc And Pen For the Jot to work properly there should also be good contact between the clear disc and the metal body of the pen. If there is dust trapped in the little hole where the ball at the end of the pen connects to the disc, you may notice skipping issues.
5. Use Thermal or Conductive Paste If you have thermal paste or some sort of conductive fluid, snap off the disc, dab a teeny-tiny amount of paste on the metal ball of the pen (take care to not smudge the disc or it will block the clear view through it) and reattach. This should fix any contact problems that the disc seems to have with the pen.
  • The fine tip gives you accuracy that rubber nibs can't. The precision disc lets you see exactly where your mark is being made. This is the most precise stylus on the market and a must have item.
  • Fingerprint-proof and comfortable,Soft stylus tip can keep your screen free from scratch and fingerprint.
  • This Stylus is made of durable aluminum and steel, giving it superior conductivity and craftsmanship comparable to a luxury pen
  • Protective Cap:Twists onto the front to protect the Precision Disc, and onto the back when you're working.
  • Compact design, smooth touch and feel for maximum comfort and accuracy

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